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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is force-free training?

A. Force free training is teaching an animal without pain, intimidation, threats, force, or coercion. I will only use positive reinforcement; praising and rewarding your dog when he/she does something right.


Q. How far are you willing to travel?


A. I work mainly in the Remington/Hampden/Roland Park/Charles Village area but I am willing to travel anywhere in a 5 mile radius of 21211. Depending on parking and distance there may be a travel fee.

Q. Can I speak to any former clients or do you have written testimonials?

A. The answer to both of these questions is yes. If you want to read some of the reviews I've received please go to the bottom of my home page and click on a picture.


Q. What equipment do you use/what equipment do I need?


A. My training classes use training leashes, front clip harnesses, towel/dog bed, treats, and sometimes objects such as, a tunnel, hurdles, and platforms. For private training it’s up to you if you want to use a clicker or not (If your dog is afraid of the clicker you do not have to use it in class). You must provide the harness and towel/bed for your dog.


Q. How quickly will I see results and can you guarantee results?


A. All dogs work at different levels and there are too many variables to know how fast your dog will pick up on what is being taught. As the owner(s) you must be fully committed, patient, and willing to put in the time and know you can’t rush training. I will work in tandem with you to effect the most appropriate behavior change in line with your goals.


Q. Do you have any breed/age restrictions?


A. All breeds and ages are welcome to class and for private training. Dogs are never too old to learn and I love working with all of them!

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?


A. I will accept payment by check, Venmo, or PayPal.

Q. Can I get a refund for group classes and/or private training?

A. Only partial refunds are made after the start of class (Please contact me for any unforeseen emergencies). I do not give refunds for private training as private training is done a la carte. Payments are not made until training has begun.

Q. Are there any discounts or coupons I could use?

A. If you have just adopted your dog/puppy you will receive 10% off on your first purchase, at Howl, after adopting.

There is a $5 dollar discount on classes for dogs/puppies who've recently been adopted (Have had the dog 2 months or less). Must provide proof to take advantage of this discount. All private training clients that qualify and are interested in group will receive coupons for group classes.

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