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Training a Puppy

Private Session and In-Home Training

In-Home Training is booked for the Summer.

However, if you just want one on one basic obedience or puppy starter training, private sessions can be scheduled around group classes at Howl, when time allows.

Best wishes on your training journey!

Before any Private Session or In-Home training I will always request to do an Evaluation/Consultation.


The evaluation process is essential to me helping you, and therefore, I don’t charge for this service. The evaluation will last 30-45 minutes as I assess your dog and together we will determine what training plan will be most beneficial.


 In-Home training is more convenient when life is busy and allows training to be fully catered to your needs. In addition, some situations are more effectively and appropriately addressed in private sessions than in a group class setting. Such as, setting your puppy up for success at home prior to puppy class and behavioral issues like fear and separation.

In-Home Training can be:

*Puppy Starter*

*Basic Obedience*

*AKC title reviews and testing*

*AKC TRICK training and testing*

*Minor Behavioral Issues*

If your dog is eligible for group (Not aggressive towards other dogs or people) you will be offered a coupon for group classes.


Please call or email me for more information or to book Private Sessions or In-Home Training.

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